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Minister accepts report and agrees to discuss further once he has had a chance to digest its findings.

Derek MacKay, Minister for Transport and Islands accepts the Road Share Research Report from Campaign supporting MSPs, Jim Eadie, Alison Johnstone and Claudia Beamish.

The report makes the case for the introduction of presumed liability onto Scotland's roads. For a summary of the key findings and to download the report, please click here.

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At present, the UK is out of step with Europe as one of only five EU countries (along with Cyprus, Malta, Romania and Ireland) that does not operate some form of strict liability regime for vulnerable road users. Strict liability is already established in other areas of UK law. 

As a consequence, our current system expects those injured or the families of those killed to go through an often harsh and protracted process to gain much needed treatment, care or compensation. On the Continent, strict liability regimes are seen as an integral factor of cycle safety and Scotland has the power to introduce this principle into civil law to demonstrate its credentials as a civilised, cycle-friendly nation.

It is no coincidence that countries operating a Strict liability regime in Civil Law are often those with safer roads for vulnerable road users. 

In Scotland, presumed liability is championed as a way to increase cycle safety by a range of stakeholders from commentators in the media to MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and across a range of cycling and walking organisations.

As the Scottish Government encourages more cyclists on to the road, it should offer them the legal protection afforded to other users. By introducing presumed liability, the Scottish Government has the opportunity to take a lead in the welfare and status of cyclists and pedestrians.

Countries in Europe that do not have some form of strict liability regime.

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If you would like to change the culture on our roads and ensure that vulnerable road users are treated correctly in the event of a road traffic collision, then please sign the Road Share online petition calling for a Member's Bill to introduce Presumed Liability between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

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The Road Share campaign has set up a steering group to take things forward.

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The campaign has attracted Cross Party support at Holyrood. See who is supporting, who is undecided and who doesn't support the campaign.

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The Campaign has successfully attracted a number of celebrity supporters who feel strongly about the introduction of presumed liability and have given their support.

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